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Post by Admin on Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:57 am


Tournament host and supreme lord first rank major cunt administrator (SLFRMCA): JaV

Username: justanothervirtuoso
Email: albeardsley@hotmail.com,
Official youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/JstAnothrVirtuoso

1 - Administrative

1.1 - Changing Rules
The SLFRMCA has the right to change/adjust rules at any point during the tournament. This will only happen in exceptional circumstances. All players will immediately be notified of any changes to the rules. Changing of rules at any stage will not be retrospective (will not apply to anything that happened before the rule was changed) as this would be too difficult to monitor.
Please let me know A.S.A.P if you want a section of the rules changed/clarified. I'm sure I probably missed something important!

1.2 - Disciplinary Action
Any player who disobeys any rule (within reason and at the discretion of the SLFRMCA) will be given a yellow card. Should a player already have one yellow card, they will be given a red card and be banned from further participation of the tournament.

1.3 - Behaviour
All participants are expected to behave in a polite and respectable manner. Remember, this is just a game and the purpose of a game is to have fun! All forms of insulting, spamming and unruly behaviour in this forum, during a match, facebook, email, etc. will result in disciplinary action (see section 1.2). Should you be the victim of misconduct, a screenshot must be taken and submitted to the SLFRMCA who will then choose whether or not to take disciplinary action.
Misconduct includes being a sore winner/loser, excessive talking during a match when others are trying to concentrate, constantly and unreasonably changing the time of the match, interrupting another participants match, etc.

1.4 - Cheating
Any players caught cheating will be instantly dismissed from the tournament.

1.5 - Cutting
Cuts will only be allowed WHERE SPECIFIED. For each track that there is a cut, it will be stated whether or not the cut is allowed. In general, you can assume that "non-rounds" (hard) cuts will not be allowed (e.g. A12 Acrobatic/A13 Race) and easy cuts/tricks will be allowed (e.g. A14 Race/A15 Speed). Should a player be caught cutting when they are not allowed to, disciplinary action will be taken (see section 1.2).

2 - Registration

2.1 - Registering
All players must register in the registration forum. They must provide all the specified details. All players must be accepted by the SLFRMCA before they are considered a participant in the tournament.
DO NOT REGISTER IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING ON A LARGE HOLIDAY (OR SOMETHING) SOON. Please make sure you are available for the entire duration of the tournament. This will be at least all of July and August. Also, please make sure you sign up only if you are available regularly at the typical match times (sat/sun night).

2.2 - Registration Deadline
All players must be registered before the deadline date and time. The deadline date and time is 30th June 2018, 00:00:00 CET (midnight on sunday night/monday morning).
The deadline may be subject to change depending on the number of registered participants. The tournament will likely start one week after the registration due date.

2.3 - Number of Participants
This will depend on how many people register. I will try to include everyone who registers, but we will also need to ensure that the numbers work. So I apologize in advance if you are left out (this will be the latest people to register).

2.4 - Player Replacements
If a player does not show up in the first week of the tournament, I will replace them with the next registered people. This will have to be done on a case-by-case basis.

3 - The Tournament

3.1 - General
This is an INDIVIDUAL tournament. The tournament will hold two stages: a group stage and a knockout stage.

3.2 - Group Stage
Following the registration deadline, players will be randomly split into groups of 4 players each. The top 2 players from each group will advance.
The group stage will go on for 5 weeks (this may change). During this period, you will face some of the same opponents more than once!
In the event of a tie in match points between 1st/2nd or 2nd/3rd in a group, the winner will be the player with the most game points (won the most maps). If this is also equal, the winner will be the person who won the most matches against the other. If they played each other, for example, 4 times and won 2 matches each, the winner will be the person who registered for the tournament first.

3.3 - Knockout Stage
The winners of each group will be randomly assigned a match against the runners up from each group.
From this point, the tournament will follow a traditional style instant knockout table. However, 2v2 matches may occur up to and including the quarterfinals (semifinals will definitely be 1v1).

3.4 - Match Selection
Each monday, before the match week, the tracks, number of players, opponents, gamemode, number of rounds/length of run time will be announced. These attributes will be randomly selected using a Matlab code. The selection process results will be posted on this website in the "Match Information" section.

3.4.1 - Tracks
Three maps will be selected each week. These maps will be randomly selected (with equal probability) from ANY of the TMN, TMNF or TMUF nadeo stadium tracks.
The exceptions are tracks which have a world record longer than 2 minutes or shorter than 10 seconds. ALL other tracks are legal! Yes, this includes things like C05-Endurance!

Each of the three tracks are worth 1 point each (i.e. winning 2 of the 3 maps results in an overall win).

3.4.2 - Number of Players
Group Stage:
This may be 1v1, 2v2, or all-on-all. Yes, the competition is individual, but you may be teamed up with your opponents to defeat other opponents!
Out of the five weeks, 1v1 will occur three times (once against each opponent in your group), 2v2 will occur once (with randomly selected teams/opponents), and all-on-all will occur ones.
In the event a player does not show up, he cannot receive any points for the week. Teams must have the same number of players! In the event one team has more players than the other team, they may choose amongst themselves which players to use for each map. All players must participate for at least one of the three maps!

Example 1:
2v2 (players 1 & 2 vs. players 3 & 4: and player 4 did not turn up)
The match becomes 1v1 and may go:
1st map: player 1 vs. player 3 (player 3 wins)
2nd map: player 1 vs. player 3 (player 1 wins)
3rd map: player 2 vs. player 3 (player 3 wins) (note: player 2 had to play at least one map)
In this case: player 1, 2 and 4 get 0 points, and player 3 gets 2 points. However, player 1 and 2 both get one map point (as they are a team). But player 4 still gets zero map points because he did not play.

Another important thing:
In the case 2v2, or all-on-all a player may choose to turn up and lose on purpose. This is completely legal!. This may happen when a player who is 1st in the group doesn't need the win and purposefully loses to make the player in 3rd place move up to 2nd (thus, weakening the competition for the rest of the tournament). However, this is poor sportsmanship, and I don't like you doing it.

1v1, 2v2, win = 2 points, draw = 1 point, loss = 0 points.
all-on-all: 1st place = 3 points, 2nd = 2 points, 3rd = 1 point, 4th = 0 points.

Knockout Stage:
This may be 1v1 or 2v2. 2v2 will only occur up to and including the quarter final.

3.4.3 - Opponents
Group Stage:
For 1v1, you will face each person in your group once. For 2v2, your opponents/team will be selected randomly.

Knockout Stage:
In the knockout stage, everyone will be placed in a "tree/bracket" formation from the start. However, do not get comfortable in that position! When a 2v2 situation comes up, you will team up with the person next to you to face the next closest two opponents. Once this round has been completed and the winners decided, all players position on the tree will be shuffled! The players will NOT be shuffled after a 1v1 week.

3.4.4 - Game Mode
The game mode can either be time attack, or team mode. (Note: all-on-all will only be in TA mode as team/rounds mode would be lame).
Note: the game mode can be either TA or team mode for the group stage AND the knockout stage!

Time Attack Mode:
1v1: Player with the fastest time after the allocated time is the winner. If the time is equal, it is a draw, regardless of who got the time first.
2v2: This can often draw. Team 1 can win by either having both players 1st and 2nd, or 1st and 3rd. If both players are 2nd and 3rd, or 1st and 4th, it is a draw.
all-on-all: The players are individually ranked based on their time. (Please remember to take a screen shot!! Otherwise you will forget who placed where). For the three maps, take an total of your positions and compare that to everyone else (person with the lowest total wins obviously). If you get the exact same time as someone else, you both take the better position (no matter who did their time first).

Example (with players A-D):
First map: First - B, D, A, C - Last
Second map: First - D, B, C, A - Last
Third map: First - (Equal 1st B and D), C, A - Last
Total position calculation:
A = 3rd+4th+4th = 11 (4th)
B = 1+2+1 = 4 (1st equal)
C = 4+3+3 = 10 (3rd)
D = 2+1+1 = 4 (1st equal)
Points: B & D - 3 points, C - 1 point (for coming 3rd, not 2nd), A - 0 points.

Team Mode:
Use the typical team mode where, if there are 4 players for example, first place gets "+4", second gets "+3", third gets "+2" and fourth gets "+1" each round (i.e. "team 1" getting 1st/4th or 2nd/3rd should result in a draw for the round). If two players get equal time during a round, you MUST accept the decision of who won decided by the game!

1v1: First person to get the number of allocated points wins.
2v2: First team to get the number of allocated points wins.

3.4.5 - Length of Match
TA Mode: Match will be any length between 4 and 10 minutes.
Team Mode: Match will be any number between 5 and 8 points.
Note: TA mode will have a 1 minute warm up and team mode will have a 2 point warm up.
For example, if the match is announced TA mode for 7 minutes, you get a 1 minute warm up, and then a 7 minute race (totaling 8 minutes).

3.4.6 - Special Case - Getting the Same Time
This often occurs in matches. Two or more players get the exact same time. For rounds mode, you must accept the winner as decided by the game!. For TA mode, it is considered a draw (note this is a change from the last competition where the person who got the time first was the winner).

3.5 - Deciders
For the knockout stage, a decider map will be announced each week. In the event of a draw, you will play the decider. If the decider is also a draw:
1v1: do the decider map again with the same amount of TA time (1v1 draw cannot happen in rounds).
2v2: the winning team is the team with the player who came FIRST in the DECIDER map!

3.6 - Semi-Final, 3rd Place Play-Off and Grand Final
Special rules for last two weeks of competition:
Semi-finals and 3rd place play-off will be 5 maps instead of 3.
Grand final will be 7 maps!.
All semi-finals, 3rd place play-off and grand final will be in rounds mode, with first to 7 points.

4 - Matches

4.1 - Arranging a Match
A match will take place once a week (between 00:00:00 tuesday and 23:59:59 sunday CET). The players may arrange amongst themselves (only on their assigned group page!) a time/date and server for their match.
The deadline for posting a desired date, time and server is 12:00:00 CET SATURDAY (MIDDAY) no exceptions. This will be strictly upheld. It is advised not to try and ask to do your match before this time as most players will prefer the weekend.
If the players cannot decide on an appropriate date/time/server before the deadline, the SLFRMCA will decide the date/time/server for them.
Please post your decided date/time/server on the appropriate forum page, even if you arranged your match elsewhere!

4.1.1 - 1v1 Case
If player A does not post to the forum before the deadline, the match date/time/server will be the date/time/server specified by player B. If player A then posts after the deadline (i.e. sunday), it will be ignored. However, if player B chooses to accept player A's late suggestion, that is, of course, fine. If player A bitches about player B ignoring his late request, player A will receive a yellow card.

4.1.2 - 2v2/all-on-all Case
Only one player will be required to post to the forum before the deadline. The rules apply the same as in the 1v1 case. E.g. if only 1 out of the 4 players posts to the forum, the match date/time/server will be the date/time/server specified by that player.

4.2 - On the Match Day
Please make sure you turn up to the server of your match at least 5 minutes beforehand so you can greet your opponent(s) and decide the order in which to play the maps.
In the event you are able to select players (i.e. if it was 2v2 and one of the opponents players didn't show up), you must state to your opponents the line up during the warm up stage (in the previous example, the team with 2 players must select the 1 player that is going to race).

In the event your opponent(s) doesn't show up in time for the match:
If the opponent is between 0-10 minutes late: start match as normal.
If the opponent is between 10-20 minutes late: you/your team automatically wins one map which you may choose. Then carry on playing the other two maps as normal.
You MUST wait 20 minutes. If you leave after 15 minutes, and your opponent arrives after 19 minutes, your opponent must then wait 20 minutes, and if you don't show up, your opponent wins the match 2-1 (he lost one because he turned up more than 10 minutes late) and gets the 2 points.

4.3 - Match Results
Please post the results of your match before the end of the match week, or as early as possible on monday. This will be especially necessary during the knockout stage. Screenshots will only need to be uploaded if there is a dispute between players about who won. If you wish to dispute a match, please mail the SLFRMCA (on this website). If you cannot produce a screenshot, your dispute will be ignored!
If no players upload the results to the forum page, they will all receive 0 points.

4.4 - Servers
See the server topic in the "important information" section.
I understand that many of you will not have access to a server where you can change the settings freely. If you don't have a server, try to arrange a time on one of the official tournament servers.
Say something like "1900H CET, sunday, server 2", and if the other player agrees to that and the slot is free, you will have that slot. I will announce the expected time for each match at the start of the week. E.g. If the tracks are quite long and in team mode with first to 7 points, you will get an hour time slot (1900-2000H). If you are playing 4 minute TA mode, you will get ~30 minute time slot (1900-1930H). It will be a case of first in first served, so keep an eye on whats available. I imagine the prime-time slots will disappear quickly!

4.5 - Players Disconnecting
When a player disconnects, the round that you are currently playing STILL COUNTS! (this includes when in TA mode). After the round (in team mode) or map (in TA mode) has finished, please be courteous and give the player 5 minutes to return. If the player has not returned in 5 minutes, continue playing.
If you were in a 2v2 match, it will now become a 2v1 match until the end of that map. The following maps will become 1v1.
If a player disconnects for a second time, wait again for 5 minutes.
If a player disconnects for a third time, do not wait, carry on playing.

Special case:
In a 2v2 match where one of your opponents did not show up so it has become a 1v1 match.
If you are the team with 2 players and one of your selected driver disconnects, you may immediately substitute the other player. However, if you do this in TA mode, whatever time the player that disconnected got will become redundant if you choose to substitute your other player. I.e, if he has already done a good time, leave it as it is and it still counts.

5 - Winners

5.1 - Finals and 3rd Place
Following the semi-finals. The two winners will go on to the grand final. The two losers will have a third place play off.

5.2 - Prizes
Prizes will be awarded to the top 4 players! The prize will be announced in the future once all donations have been accepted.
Spot prizes will also be awarded at the end of the tournament. This will include things like: winner of the minor league (person with the most points out of anyone in all groups at the end of the group stage), sexiest driving skills, and more...

5.3 - Donations
Please send in your donations so we can have a nice prize for the winners! Small, or big, anything is appreciated!
You can send your donations to username: justanothervirtuoso (it'd be best to copy and paste that so you get the spelling right).

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