Tournament Beginning!

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Tournament Beginning! Empty Tournament Beginning!

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:43 am

Hey all!!

Thank you for signing up!
Looks like we have enough players. I will leave sign ups open for now. I'll wait and see how many players we get before I decide how many groups we should have and how big the groups should be. At the moment I'm leaning towards having 6 (maybe 7) groups with 4 players per group (perhaps influenced a little by the world cup...), where the top 2 go through to the knockout stages.

I will release the first mappack/gamemode on Sunday 1st July. This will be for the match on Sunday 8th July (or around this date). Let me know here ASAP if you want to exclude some maps for selection (I'm trying to select maps that people will find enjoyable!).
I will try to release information about your groups (and opponent for the week) on monday or tuesday. So please check here regularly so we can arrange the first matches quickly!
I am trying to organise 3 servers with Arre. I'll let you know when these will be available.

Any questions, let me know!

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