Group B: Demon vs. Noxy vs. Ice vs. Pablo

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Group B: Demon vs. Noxy vs. Ice vs. Pablo

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:50 am

Hey all!

Some notes:
This week is all-on-all. If you cannot make your default time, please send me a message. Since it is TA, you may be able to race your maps separately to your opponents. This must be under my supervision! So send me a message. You are still able to arrange a different time if all your opponents agree.

I want to note that the rules state how many match points you will receive at the end, but it does not specify how many map points you will get. To make it simple, you will get a map point for each map that you finish 1st or 2nd. (The match points are still as shown in the rules).

Last note. This is the final group stage week. Next week will be for postponed games, and a rest for all other players.
After that, the top two players of each group will advance to the knockout stage (starting on Monday 13th August).

Location: Server 1
Date: Saturday 4th August
Time: 2000h CEST.

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Re: Group B: Demon vs. Noxy vs. Ice vs. Pablo

Post by Ice on Sat Aug 04, 2018 9:06 pm

Only 3 of us played at default time, we waited 20 minutes for Noxy, as the rules said so here are the results:


Bonus B-5:



Demon: 1st+1st+1st=3 (1st place)
Pablo: 3+2+2=7 (2nd place)
Ice:2+3+3=8 (3rd place)


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