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Post by Admin on Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:34 am

Hey all!

Thanks for a great tourney!
I hope you all had fun.

Congrats to Demon for being the champion! (for the 2nd time) (46,005cc)
2nd place: Uniwersal (30,670cc)
3rd place: mc (23,003cc)
4th place: Steph (15,335cc)

Group stage winner: Demon (15,335cc)

Spot prizes:
Best organiser: Uniwersal (2,000cc)
Best record during tourney: Demon/JaV/pablo (for WRs) (2,000cc each)
Fair play award: Alpine/Rollin (2,000cc each)
Biggest upset: Ice (2,000cc)

See you all next time,

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